Spicy Tiffy 🌶️

Re-Stock April 14th


(Avoid orders being rejected by following the order instructions please)

Pick up options:
Boeing Employees - Renton

Work - Co Workers only

Home - Friends & Family only.

*If a mutual friend is picking up for you - please make sure it's clearly indicated.*
If there are any questions around pick up options please feel free to DM me.

Everything else will need to be shipped! 

Payment is done outside of the website on either Zelle or Venmo


Can I pre-order?

Regrettably, pre-orders are not available. I'll produce a fixed quantity, and once sold out, that's it. For bulk purchases of 30 or more, feel free to reach out to me.

How can I verify that my order has been accepted?

After placing your order and completing payment through Venmo/Zelle, expect to receive an email confirmation within 12 hours confirming that your order has been accepted and payment has been received.

How can I specify that a mutual friend will be picking up my order?

Include it in the payment description when using Venmo/Zelle, or send a direct message on Instagram.

When can I pick up my order?

After orders are fulfilled, you will receive an email confirmation indicating that your order is ready for pick-up. Please coordinate with me in advance to schedule the day and time for your pick-up.

What is the estimated shipping time for orders?

All orders will be processed within 1-2 days and shipped on the following business day

Am I able to return my bottle to be reused?

Thank you for the offer, but please keep the bottles and recycle them. I do not have the appropriate equipment to reuse bottles.

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